The Laureate

The Laureate is a love story like no other.  
Set against the glamorous backdrop of Britain’s Roaring ‘20s, The Laureate tells the story of young British War Poet Robert Graves, who is married with four children when he meets and becomes involved with Laura Riding, a beautiful writer from America studying at Oxford University.
Defying the conventions of polite society, Riding soon moves in with Graves and his wife, living as a ménage a trios.  Then, with the arrival of the strappingly handsome Irish poet Geoffrey Phibbs, the arrangement becomes a ménage a quatre.  Soon, tensions and rivalries among the artistic group become so fraught that Graves is suspected of attempted murder.
Tired of the Victorian morals and British social structure that led to his war trauma, as well as the inhibitions imposed on his writing, Graves leaves England for good and settles with Riding on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Before he leaves England, Graves publishes his famous war memoirs “GOODBYE TO ALL THAT” as well as his first successful volume of poems (which critics universally agree contains some of the finest love poetry of the 20th century).  Thus, despite the deep wounds of war and being shackled by those around him, Robert transforms himself into “A Laureate.”