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At the height of the cold war there were 600 spies in Vienna. Today there are 6000. Kindra Starr is a 21 year old politics student who takes over the spying activities of her missing parents. The first in a series of films in which Kindra moves up the ranks of the spy network who recruit her, only to discover the shocking truth about who she really works for. This is Fargo meets The Americans - a quirky story with a twist like a punch in the face.

Short Summary

I’m Phil Moran.  I’m a doctor of physics and I’ve been a film-maker for twenty years.  I live in Vienna and work for all the major international organisations here such as the United Nations and the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (the people monitoring Ukraine at the moment).  I was the film-maker embedded with IFE14, the largest weapons of mass destruction exercise ever undertaken.

City of Spies is the first in a series of films and it has a strong female lead called Kindra who has taken over the spying activities of her parents when they disappear.  Believing they will soon return, Kindra has to earn money to keep up appearances and to look after her young brother, so she steals secrets and sells them to an anonymous buyer online.  The buyer, Hal, is not what he seems and when he discovers she’s an imposter he comes after her.  It’s just a matter of time before he gets her, unless the other side gets her first.

I am making City of Spies because it’s time to get a feature film under my belt.  I’m nearly 50 and my wife has just given birth to our first child.  I gave up physics as a profession to develop my skills as a film-maker - now it’s time to fulfil my dream to direct feature films.

I’m going to make this film no matter what.  With your help, however, I can make it better and do it more quickly.  We have some great offers for your investment, so you’ll definitely get something worthwhile, as well as helping a team of actors and crew make a great twisty story.

What We Need & What You Get

We’re looking to raise EUR 25000 and all of it is needed to hire equipment, dress sets, hire locations and props, provide transport of feed the cast and crew.  The actors and crew love the script so much that they are fully flexible.

We’ve been really creative with our perks.  We have the usual offers of a signed script and a digital copy of the film, but how would you fancy becoming a spy yourself? Depending on how much you invest, you can appear in City of Spies - and we might even bring you back in the second film.  Our other perks include having your image or name appear in the film - but where?

If you’re a serious investor, we have options for you to become a producer, and get a revenue share of the film.  It is registered with the BFI as a British film and so will be eligible for the UK film tax credit.  Also, all cast and crew - including the producers and director - are working on a deferred basis.  Recoupment will repay principal investment in first position, so all these aspects lower the risk for investment.  Please note, however, that film investment is high risk.

Whether you invest or not, I hope you’ll continue to follow the project - log on to the website and subscribe for updates - there be plenty of freely available bonus material and competitions as we make the film.  Perhaps you can guess who Kindra is really working for?

As I have said, if we don’t reach our target, all that means is the we make the film more slowly - but we will make City of Spies no matter what.

The Impact

Your contribution will enable us to make a polished piece of cinema.  It will have much broader appeal internationally and will increase opportunties to obtain distribution in more territories.

I’ve been a film-maker for twenty years and have made lots of short films and television documentaries that have been broadcast all over the world.  I have written several scripts in my life, one of which was optioned, and have also attended Robert McKee’s story course.

I am one of the producers of The Laureate, a film about Robert Graves, that has been near to production several times.  The Laureate has an $8m budget and in the past has had the likes of Orlando Bloom and Sam Claflin attached.  Although The Laureate has not been made yet, the film has enabled me to develop many contacts with sales agents and distributors that will be very useful for City of Spies.

I have chosen to make City of Spies as a low budget film simply because I didn’t want to be chasing named actors in order to raise money.  I am making this film no matter what.

We have an excellent cast from Vienna and the UK that have been very carefully selected after extensive auditions.

Risks & Challenges

The risk with film investment is always that it doesn't get made, or does not make money at the box office.

We cannot eliminate these risks, but I can tell you that we have already filmed over 25% of the movie, everyone has worked long hours for free and I personally have invested several thousands of my own Euros in the project so far.

There will always be risks and obstacles, but the team will always have dedication and determination.

Other Ways You Can Help

There's no such a thing as bad publicity, so if you like what you have read, please share and keep returning to the City of Spies Facebook page where we regularly upload bonus material such as short scenes not in the movie that tell a little about the back story of the characters.

If you want to help with production, let us know.  If you can get to Vienna, we can probably find you a couch to sleep on.  It has been a lot of fun making the film so far, and no doubt will be in the future.

Thanks for supporting us - remember share, share, share.


€10  -  Rookie

So you're still learning to be a spy. Well ok. For your € 10 we'll post a thank you on our Facebook wall. Keep watching the videos that we upload - they're not all just from the film: there's a huge backstory going on here - and you may learn a thing or two about espionage. • Posted thank you.

€25  -  Kazakh Foreign Intelligence

Now don't judge too quickly. Kazakhstan are friends with Russia & have a non-permanent seat on the Security Council. For € 25 you'll receive a thanks on the Facebook page, a digital copy of the film and a thanks in the credits of the movie. Also a ticket to the premiere of the film - subject to demand. Once the premiere is full, you'll get a ticket to the second screening and so on. • Copy of City of Spies, ticket to premiere (subject to demand), and a thank you in credits

€50  -  Iran Intelligence Ministry

Now I'm not telling you how Iran is involved with all of this, but things are looking shaky since Trump came to power. For €50 we will put a photo of you in the film. Yes, A PHOTO! We won't tell you where it is, however, you'll have to use your Iranian Guard training to find it. You'll also get everything from the previous tier such as a digital copy of the movie and a thank you on the Facebook page and the credits of the movie. • Copy of the film, thanks in credits & your photo IN the film.

€50  -  MOSSAD

Everyone knows Israel has a nuclear capability, of course, but would they ever use it? For € 50 we will put your name in the film - yes IN the film. When City of Spies is made, you'll be able to show your family and friends where your name is written - as long as you can find it; you might have to watch it shot by shot, however. You'll also get everything from the previous tier. • Copy of the film, thanks in credits & your name IN the film.

€100  -  MI5

For € 100 Her Majesty's Secret Service will provide you with everything in the previous tier (digital copy of the movie, thanks in credits and Facebook page) and also a VIP invite to the wrap party and the film's premiere. You'll also get a version of the script signed by the director and lead actors. • Copy of the film, thanks in credits, signed version of script, VIP invite to wrap party & premiere.

€250  -  CIA

You are top tier when it comes to being a spy - but do you have what it takes? € 250 will get you everything in the previous tier, but also a character roll in the promotional material for the film. We have many short video clips online, and we'll film one with YOU as a character. And, we might bring your character back for the second film. • Copy of film, thanks in credits, signed version of script, VIP invite to wrap party & premiere, AND a character role in the promo material.



€500  -  POTUS

You want to be top dog? For € 500 we'll give you everything as the other perks, AND we'll give you a part in the film. We have a number of character roles, so you can appear in the final cut of City of Spies, be named in the credits and have you own credit on imdb. • Copy of the film, thanks in credits, signed version of script, VIP invite to wrap party & premiere, AND a part in the movie with imdb credit.

€1000 or more.

Please contact us and we can discuss an equity investment in the film that will gain you a producer credit and many other benefits.


Contact us

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