City of Spies -  completed 2020


At the height of the cold war there were 600 spies in Vienna. Today there are 6000. Kindra Starr is a 21 year old politics student who takes over the spying activities of her missing parents. The first in a series of films in which Kindra moves up the ranks of the spy network who recruit her, only to discover the shocking truth about who she really works for. This is Fargo meets The Americans - a quirky story with a twist like a punch in the face.

Short Summary

Kindra, an attractive 21 year old politics student in Vienna, has taken on the spying activities of her parents who have disappeared. Kindra steals UN secrets and sells them anonymously over the internet. Her buyer, Hal, is suspicious that his usual source has been replaced by an imposter and when Kindra persuades Hal to pay her in advance for information that she does not possess, the deception triggers an all out hunt, and it's only a matter of time before Hal and his organisation get to her - unless the other side get to her first.


The film will be available for release some time in 2021.  Contact Phil Moran for details -