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City Of Spies trailer new

City Of Spies trailer new

City of Spies -  completed 2022

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CITY OF SPIES now available to view on YouTube

for donation of € 4.99.
Access is limited to one person/e-mail address and that no copying or sharing of the film or any part is allowed.
Standard industry terms and conditions apply.

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City of Spies is now available on AMAZON PRIME in UK and the USA

For US viewers, you can view City of Spies for FREE on Tubi -

Rent or buy from Amazon here:


If you want to see the film, e-mail me directly and I will be able to get a discount on the DVD or BluRay.


Contact          Dr Phil Moran,          +43 (0)699 17130747




The next episode of City of Spies will be called THE VIENNA RING.

This is a true story.


In 2021 Donald Trump visits Vienna to sign a historical arms reduction agreement, having recently won his second term of office as US president.

A few days earlier Inspector Lampalzer investigates the murder of a so called spy in broad daylight, and discovers it is linked to an unsolved child murder from 2016.

The child's sister, Kindra Starr, is working as a spy and secretly plotting revenge against the murderer.  


Her unseen masters have tasked Kindra with the job of assembling a large electronic surveillance suite in the basement of a hotel on Vienna's ring road.

Little does she know that the equipment is actually a huge bomb.

When Lampalzer uncovers the terror threat she finds the authorities unwilling to act.  Why?

When Trump's historical signing is switched to the same hotel, Lampalzer realises she is on her own in averting disaster.


And Kindra Starr has to decide which is more important; vengeance or world peace.

That's when her brother appears and tells her what to do.


City of Spies trailer:




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